Patients’ 3D-printed tumors used in test treatments

Researchers are 3D printing tumors from cancer patients’ own cells

to test potential treatments before using them inside the body

PROFESSOR RONIT SATCHI-FAINARO, LEAD RESEARCHER, TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY: “One thing that we identified was that the models are incorrect, the models we are using for decades are of only cancer cells on a petri dish that is made of rigid plastic that doesn't have any resemblance to the brain of the patient or of the of people in general.”

Scientists extract a sample of the tumor from the brain

and use it to print a model matching their MRI scans

The patient’s blood is then pumped through the printed tumor

followed by a drug or therapeutic treatment

While previous research has used 'bioprinting' to mimic cancer environments

these researchers say they are the first to print a viable tumor

PROFESSOR RONIT SATCHI-FAINARO, LEAD RESEARCHER, TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY: “We added other cell types that are the environment of the brain, those resident cells in the brain like immune cells and other cells that usually sit in the brain and blood vessels, functional blood vessels that we can flow through them drugs and immune cells, red and white blood cells of the same patient.”

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