Pastor and Police Officers Join in Prayer After Discussion at DC Protest

A pastor and a police officer joined in prayer during a protest in Washington on June 22 after sharing a lengthy conversation about the history of policing and civil rights in the United States.

Reverend George Gilbert Jr of The Holy Trinity United Baptist Church said he was participating in the protest with his family and friends, when he noticed a nearby officer twirling his baton in a way Gilbert deemed “aggressive.”

The footage shows Gilbert informing the officer of his feelings as he walks by, before Gilbert decides to turn back to the same officer to have a conversation.

“I’m gonna educate you for a little bit,” Gilbert says to the officer, who replies, “Go ahead man, go for it.”

The two discuss the history of policing in America, along with other injustices that took place in the 1960s, before another officer appears to ask the cop to move to another location.

After expressing frustration at not being able to continue his conversation, Gilbert continues to protest, and eventually encounters the same officer later in the evening and is able to speak with him.

The two discuss several different topics ranging from the broken police system to the origin of the police force itself, all before joining together in a prayer.

“You want to pray bro, with us? You want to pray with us,” Gilbert can be heard asking several of the officers around him, before they all agree, and Gilbert begins to say a prayer on behalf of them all. Credit: George Gilbert Jr via Storyful