Pastor Handcuffed and Arrested During Peaceful Protest in Louisville

A pastor was handcuffed and arrested during a peaceful protest near Louisville, Kentucky, on June 1.

Jason Clayborn was part of the protest and managed to capture video of the arrest. The footage shows two police officers grab a man who is already handcuffed, and force him to the ground.

Other protestors can be heard screaming at the officers, asking them what the man, who was later identified as pastor Tim Finley, is being charged with.

“He wasn’t questioned nor resisted arrest. We were peacefully protesting and walking, not doing anything,” Calyborn told Storyful.

Pastor Finley has been instrumental in opening a second campus for the Kingdom Fellowship Center, a church that has reportedly restored a lot of faith in the struggling people of the area.

After placing Finley in the back of the police vehicle, the officers learned that he was a pastor in the community, and released him, according to local reports. Credit: Jason Clayborn via Storyful