Passengers Wave From Cruise Ship at Center of Coronavirus Scare

The 4,580 guests on board the MSC Meraviglia last week will be paid a full refund due to the “disruptive” nature of their trip, MSC Cruises said after a coronavirus scare meant the ship was refused permission to dock in Jamaica and Grand Cayman.

”The disappointing decisions by Jamaica and Grand Cayman to bar our ship to allow our passengers to disembark and enjoy their islands was born out of fear, not best medical practice," Pierfrancesco Vago, executive chairman of MSC Cruises, said.

The ship was eventually given a clean bill of health after two people on board were found to have seasonal flu by health workers in Cozumel, Mexico.

Frustrations boiled over before that, video from February 27 showed, as a brawl broke out. Crew members used pepper spray to quell the unrest.

Video here, from John Wintle, shows some passengers in more sanguine humor, with Wintle describing them as “happy and healthy” as they waited aboard for the all clear.

MSC Cruises said passengers were able to spend a full day ashore in Cozumel on February 28 before the ship returned to Miami.

The MSC Meraviglia was seen pulling out from the port of Miami on March 1, with a new set of holidaymakers. Credit: John Wintle via Storyful