Passengers Flee as Fire Spreads Through 'Spirit of Norfolk' Cruise Boat in Virginia

A fire broke out on Tuesday, June 7, aboard the Spirit of Norfolk cruise yacht based out of Norfolk, Virginia, prompting the evacuation of approximately 100 passengers on board, according to local news reports citing fire officials.

Video recorded by Justin Wagner shows passengers being transferred to another cruise vessel, the Victory Rover.

Footage posted on social media showed smoke billowing from the Spirit of Norfolk, and water being sprayed from smaller boats to douse the flames. Credit: Justin Wagner via Storyful

Video transcript

- My videos didn't send to that.

- What?

- My videos didn't send to that.


- Thank you. We've got a tug on the side that's holding us up against the schooner, OK?

- Thanks for your help.

- Absolutely.


- To a lot of the people coming in, if you guys could just have a seat and all the people who've been here, if you could also obey and find a spot here, please? Thank you.

- Right here, buddy.



- You're all OK?

- OK All right, come on. You guys, he's going to lift you up. Thank you so much.

- You're welcome. Happy to help.

- Watch yourself. Watch yourself.

- Come on, buddy.


- You got it?

- I got it.

- Women and children first.


- Yep, get that picture. That's a keepsake. Yeah.


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