Passengers Face Long Lines at Schiphol Airport

Long lines snaked through Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on June 20 as airport bosses asked airlines to cancel flights to and from one of Europe’s busiest airports.

Footage recorded by Keith Williams shows long lines outside and inside a departures terminal.

Williams wrote on Twitter that travelers were lining up outside the airport after checking in. He estimated the queue to be around 1 km long. Williams said he had been at the airport for four hours, posting a video showing a long line still snaking ahead.

“If you must fly out through Schiphol, give yourself 4 hrs to reach your gate,” Williams tweeted. “Better: avoid. Go elsewhere. Your mental health is worth it,” he said.

Local news reported on June 17 that Schiphol Airport announced it would slash passenger numbers by an average of 13,500 every day in July in an attempt to stem “weeks of chaos and long queues” caused by a shortage of baggage-handling and security staff. Credit: Keith Williams via Storyful

Video transcript


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