Pasco Police Search for Arson Suspect With 'No Eyebrow Hair'

Police in Pasco, Washington, are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying an arson suspect who may, they said, have “no eyebrow hair”, or burns to their face.

According to the Pasco Police Department, firefighters responded to reports of a car on fire on South 23rd Avenue shortly after 5 am on Sunday morning, April 26.

CCTV video released by police shows a person walk up to the car before a large explosion engulfs the vehicle with the suspect still close by. The suspect is then seen running form the car.

Police said that the car, a silver 2010 Chrysler Sebring, had been reported stolen a few hours previous in Richland, Washington.

Officers said the suspect will have “singed hair” and is possibly missing some eyebrow hair.

“He may have even suffered burns to his hands or face. We also suspect he instantly regretted his poor decision making. So if you see a regret filled, slightly charred, blurry grey guy with little to no eyebrow hair running around we’d like to hear from you,” police wrote on Facebook. Credit: Pasco Police Department via Storyful