PAS MP claims Go-Jek will lead to more sexual harassment cases

Ida Nadirah Ibrahim
A women uses the Go-Jek service in Jakarta. — Reuters file pic
A women uses the Go-Jek service in Jakarta. — Reuters file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23 — PAS lawmaker Datuk Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali has claimed that the introduction of motorcycle e-hailing service Go-Jek to Malaysia will result in an increase of sexual harassment cases. 

In opposing the motorcycle ride-sharing service in the country, the Kuala Nerus MP said the purported harm that comes with the service should be prevented.

“It exposes users to non-Shariah compliant interaction that involves the opposite sexes.

“It increases the accident rate involving motorcycles and also affects the quality of public transportation,” he said in the statement.

Mohd Khairuddin added that Go-Jek would also contribute to air pollution.

Meanwhile, Senator Datuk Husain Awang concurred, saying the Go-Jek service may lead to other crimes and security risks such as rape and robbery, claiming that sexual harassment cases had increased in Indonesia with the Go-Jek service.

The Terengganu PAS commissioner also cited road accidents involving motorcyclists — stating 944 fatal accidents as of March 2019 — air pollution and non-Shariah compliant interaction as reasons as to why Go-Jek should not be allowed to operate in the country.

“I urge the government to not continue with the Go-Jek services even for a grace period and instead increase the promotions and the quality of public transportation such as Rapid KL, MRT, and LRT, in which millions of ringgit were spent.

“This has proven to show the government has failed to manage the public transportation and solve the road congestion issues. 

“The government had also failed to open up job opportunities for the youth as they had instead provide an opportunity that insults the dignity of our youth,” he said in a statement.

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