At PAS gathering, Hadi says election ‘baiah’ better than anti-party hopping law

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

ALOR SETAR, Sept 3 ― PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang today asserted that his party’s method of getting its election candidates to swear baiah ― an Arabic term denoting an oath of loyalty ― is better than the recently passed Anti-Party Hopping Bill to prevent crossovers that betray voters’ trust.

He added that the “baiah” is a pledge made between man and God, and therefore superior to man-made laws.

“This matter as affirmed in the PAS Constitution that the law of God and His messenger is the highest source that obligates the top leaders and election candidates to pronounce the oath and baiah, thus superseding all other laws in preserving integrity.

“This measure is more effective than the party-hopping law that has just been introduced.

“PAS should be given more trust because there is a bond of allegiance that is stronger than the current law which has expired,” he said in his policy speech at the 68th PAS annual congress, better known among PAS followers by the Arabic term muktamar.

The baiah is a Islamic oath of loyalty undertaken by election candidates of a party who swear they will not switch allegiances, or they will suffer dire consequences.

The controversial use of baiah came to light when several top PAS leaders resigned to form Parti Amanah Negara in 2015 as one of the clauses included a promise to divorce their spouses.