PAS, following its women’s wing and Yadim, opposes Miss/Mrs Plus World Malaysia pageant

Keertan Ayamany
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PAS information chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad (in the grey shirt) called the event 'unbeneficial'. — Picture by Hari Anggara
PAS information chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad (in the grey shirt) called the event 'unbeneficial'. — Picture by Hari Anggara

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 21 — Echoing the opposition voiced by its wings, PAS today insisted that the Miss/Mrs Plus World Malaysia 2020 is hedonistic and should be barred from taking place next January 2 here where the majority are Malays and Muslims.

PAS information chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad said the Islamist party is joining Muslim evangelical foundation Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim), and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs), in sending a memorandum to the authorities to protest the pageant.

“PAS again calls on the program organisers to cancel this unbeneficial program. In fact, PAS is confident that this program will receive opposition from all concerned citizens regardless of race and religion,” he said in a statement.

“The organisation of this program which has elements of defiance should not be implemented in countries with a Malay-Muslim mojority.

“Such programs have an element of hedonism that can spoil society, especially the youth.

“Additionally, the country is being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic which is claiming many lives. This should be reflected upon so as not to invite the wrath of Allah,” Kamaruzaman added.

Last Saturday, Yadim, which is led by a PAS member Nasruddin Hassan, urged Putrajaya to cancel the pageant next month claiming it is “hedonistic” and allegedly “exploiting women”.

Earlier today, the PAS women’s wing also announced it is against the pageant, saying the event is contrary to the moral values of Islam and Malaysia.

The organiser of the Miss/Mrs Plus World Malaysia 2020 has responded to critics, saying that their main objectives were to create awareness and women empowerment.

The organiser said its pageants intentionally disregarded “trivial” pageant activities like requiring participants to don swimwear, and instead focused on celebrating, promoting and elevating plus-size women’s beauty, intelligence and confidence.

It also stressed that its team has made necessary arrangements to adhere to the Covid-19 standard operating procedures, and the event will be conducted mostly online.

The event which is set to take place on January 2 next year, will see participants from all ethno-religious backgrounds, and not just Muslims.

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