Partial Lunar Eclipse Seen in Sky Over Chiba

Stargazers in northeast Japan marvelled at the sky on the evening of November 19 as the longest partial lunar eclipse in hundreds of years began.

NASA information about the eclipse says it occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align so the Moon passes into Earth’s shadow.

The Moon may appear to turn red as the only sunlight reaching the Moon will have passed through Earth’s atmosphere. The phenomenon ​is also being called a Blood Moon and a Beaver Moon.

The event was scheduled to last more than three hours and twenty-eight minutes. NASA said that there hasn’t been a longer partial lunar eclipse since 1440, and there won’t be a longer one until 2669.

Twitter user @ftw_cdhn posted this footage showing the moment from their vantage point in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Credit: @ftw_cdhn via Storyful

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