Part-time Grab driver and future teacher prioritises feeding strays over personal expenses

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A video of Farhana feeding strays went viral on TikTok. — Picture via Pexels
A video of Farhana feeding strays went viral on TikTok. — Picture via Pexels

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 27 — A woman’s kind act of feeding stray pets captured the attention of many netizens.

A TikTok video of Zuria Farhana Mohamad and her friend Nurul Afiqah Ahmad feeding the animals has won hearts online.

Farhana, a Master Degree student who is majoring in Mathematics Education at Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Tanjung Malim, Perak, and works as a part-time grab driver, reported mStar.

“Wherever I go, if I come across an animal, I will feed it.

“If I’m in Tanjung Malim, the dogs recognise my car.

“They’ll rush after my car if they notice me but when they don’t see me carrying food, they will get upset.

“I’ve been feeding these animals since I came to UPSI in 2018 and It all started with cats,” she explained.

Farhana, who is from Kelantan, told mStar that she was afraid of dogs but as time went by, she became friendly with them.

She maintains her religious beliefs and limits while showing her compassion to the stray dogs.

“If people want to start feeding dogs, don’t be scared. At first, I used to put the food down and watch them eating from a distance.

“The dogs have gotten to know me over time. Although Muslims are not allowed to handle dogs, it is okay to feed them.

“Dogs understand what we say. For instance, if I instruct them to sit, they’ll sit and only come after I serve the food.

“Seeing them eating makes me happy,” she said.

“I am not concerned about money. Their meal is more expensive than what I would pay for my shopping.

It’s okay If I don’t have money as long as they get to eat.

Farhana, who expects to graduate by next year, stated that many of her Grab passengers donate food for the animals.

She also explained that she wanted to raise public awareness so that people would not be frightened to approach stray animals and help them.

She said that she had no clue the video of her feeding animals would be so popular.

“I only joined TikTok three months ago. When I shared the video, I just wanted to raise public awareness.

“People are usually afraid of dogs and only feed stray cats.

“I am happy when viewers tell me that they have begun to feed street dogs,” she said.

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