New Parliament ‘most diverse in UK’s history’, according to election analysis

The UK has elected the most diverse Parliament in its history, according to new analysis of the 2024 General Election results.

Think tank British Future said a record number of 89 ethnic minority MPs have been elected, an increase of 23.

The majority of the ethnic minority MPs, at 66, will sit on the Labour benches.

While 14 ethnic minority Conservatives were elected, alongside five Lib Dems and four new independent MPs from a minority background.

According to the House of Commons Library, just four ethnic minority MPs were elected in 1987, the first since 1929.

Since then the number has ticked upwards at each election, from seven in 1992 to 66 in 2019.

Election graphic
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Sunder Katwala, director of British Future, said the 2024 election is a “landmark” for representation.

“In the space of 40 years we have gone from zero to nearly one in seven MPs being from an ethnic minority background,” he said.

“The irony that it coincides with the end of Rishi Sunak’s premiership as the UK’s first British Asian Prime Minister only underlines how ethnic diversity has become a new norm across the main political parties.”

However, he warned that better representation does not guarantee better policies on inclusion.

“Our race debates can often feel as polarised as ever,” he said.

“But a stronger share of voice matters. When the new Commons raises issues of race, ethnic minority MPs will be there to bring their lived experience to the debate.”