Parisians' relief as France avoids third lockdown

France decided against imposing a third coronavirus nationwide lockdown on Friday (January 29).

Instead, it ordered tighter border controls, increased police action against curfew breakers, and greater adherence to working from home.

Parisians mostly expressed their relief at the move on Saturday (January 30).

This woman says the government wants to keep the economy going and save - as much as possible - the national economy. She adds that if they were to close schools again, it would be a catastrophe.

This man says in a personal sense it's pleasant - even mentally - not to have to go through a new lockdown.

The French government said the public health crisis remained of great concern as France's death toll jumped above 75,000 - the seventh-highest globally.

The Prime Minister Jean Castex said that from Sunday all arrivals into France from outside the European Union would be banned, except for essential travel.

All visitors from EU nations would need to show a negative PCR test except cross-border workers and truckers.

The country will reduce the number of people allowed into shopping malls and increase police controls against people breaking a night time curfew.

While the new curfew measures are stricter than those previously in place, a lockdown would have forced stores to close.