Parisians flock to ice bar during heatwave

STORY: But in the ice bar, a cold room decorated with ice sculptures, the temperature was -20°C (-4°F), about 60°C (140°F) colder than outside.

"We were looking for a fresh place, a place we could go to despite the heatwave so all the outdoor visits were excluded," said Marion Petit-Garcia, chilling at the bar with her friend.

The customers paid 25€ for a 25-minute experience in the freezing cold, including two drinks, one shot and a loan jacket.

"Today is Tuesday, and we have booking levels of a weekend night. So, huge attendance with this heatwave,” said Fred Noa, Paris 'Kube' Ice Bar manager.

Much of Europe is baking in a heatwave that scientists say is consistent with climate change and has pushed temperatures into the mid-40s Celsius (over 110 Fahrenheit) in some regions, with wildfires raging across tinder-dry countryside in Portugal, Spain and France.

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