Parisians enjoy the capital to themselves

Returning to cafes and terraces, Parisians now have the unique opportunity to enjoy the city- usually filled with tourists- to themselves.

For some, it's welcome relief.

"I really enjoyed it. The 4th district where I live is an area with lots of Airbnb, lots of tourists in general. But it was empty. So I could get around on my bicycle easily, no cars around, it was cool. So I loved it."

For others, the reality of a city free of tourist packed river boats and double decker buses is nothing to celebrate.

"I love it when there's lots of people around, the tourists don't bother me. We need them unfortunately for our economy because it's not the French who'll do that as they have the tendency to save money and be careful because they fear for their future."

One of the world's most popular holiday destinations, Paris and the surrounding region receive on average, 50 million tourists per year.

Today, there is close to none.

With many European countries, including France, starting to relax travel restrictions,

Many Parisians will be keen to lure back foreign tourists this summer.

"Paris is about human contact, with lots of people, crowded cafe terraces, singers on the street, which I love, especially here in this area. So there's something missing, something is missing."