Parisian boy fishes metals out of River Seine


"Here is what we can find in the Seine. A scooter, a bike, some kind of trolley, another bike, another bike, an electric scooter."

This boy fishes metals out of the River Seine

using magnets and grappling irons

to play his part in protecting the environment

Courtesy: Instagram @raf_sur_seine

Location: Paris, France


"I feel like I am doing something for the planet, even if it is not much, on a small scale. But at least I am doing something. Some who are 10 or 11 years old stay at home and play soccer. Well, at 11 years old and I know I am cleaning up, not the entire planet, but I am cleaning up."

Raphael estimates he has fished out about 300 bikes

in just one-and-a-half years

along with 200 scooters and 100 shopping trolleys


"These, the scooters, (electric) scooters and bikes, they really are the worst. Because the lithium batteries can explode underwater and catch fire underwater."

"My goal is to raise awareness so that a maximum of people do something. They don't have to do what I do but at least do something. Even if it's not necessarily cleaning up canals, it could just be picking up a cigarette butt."

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