Paris zoo animals to see public again

The animals will be seeing visitors again, after months of just interacting with zookeepers.

Paris's natural history museums, that include the Paris Zoological Park, lost 17 million euros in 2020 due to COVID lockdowns, its director Pierre-Yves Bureau said.

The zoo will limit the number of visitors for the re-opening, and has carved out pathways, to ensure social distancing.

The Paris Zoological Park, on the eastern edge of Paris, houses 2,500 animals of 234 species, including rhinoceroses, lions, lemurs and sea cows.

In addition to its usual residents, a baby tapir born last November, the first infant birth for the species in the zoo since 1987, and a baby wolverine born last February will be seen by the public for the first time.

France is currently slowly unwinding a third national lockdown despite registering nearly 20,000 new cases every day and with intensive care wards still saturated.

On May 19, museums, zoos, shops and cinemas will reopen, while restaurants, cafes and bars will be allowed to reopen for outdoor service.

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