Paris sees fresh scuffles over security bill

A fresh wave of protests erupted on the streets of Paris on Saturday.

Police clashed with civilians donning yellow vests, the latest in months of demonstrations over a controversial security bill.

But turnout was markedly smaller than before.

One protester attributed that to fatigue, and fears of COVID-19.

The bill is aimed at increasing surveillance capabilities in France.

It would also restrict the circulation of images of police in the media and online.

Opponents of the bill however, say it would curtail press freedoms and lead to less police accountability.

Student Marton Allart believes people should be allowed to film the police as he says France has a problem with police brutality.

In late November, a Black man, music producer Michel Zecler, was beaten by several police officers.

The incident only came to light after closed circuit television and mobile phone footage circulated online.