Paris residents enjoy sun at man-made 'beaches'

STORY: Fancy a trip to the ‘beach’ in Paris?

(Mario Amendola, Paris resident)

"It's nice for Parisians who can't leave Paris in the summer, it's perfect. We can go kayaking, have fun in the sun, it's perfect."

This is ‘Paris Plages’

It's a popular alternative for those unable to escape the city for vacation

It's an annual installation

launched by former Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe in 2002

This year, there are six pools in the Bassin de la Villette and the Seine

Visitors can also kayak and use paddle boards

(Michael, Paris resident)

"For those who don't have the chance to go on holiday, I think this is great because they can stay in Paris and enjoy the water, pools, playgrounds for the children, activities, bars and restaurants. I think this is great."

(Isabelle, Paris resident)

"There's the water, the boats, the sun, the beach chairs, the umbrellas - everything has been calculated to give us an ambiance of summer, of holidays."

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