Paris police step up patrols to limit lockdown violators

Under cover of darkness, Paris police stepped up checks in the City of Lights on Friday (November 6).

Officers are ensuring the nationwide lockdown is respected across the country - and that non-essential travel is avoided.

Police stopped vehicles and asked drivers and passengers to show valid travel permits.

France reinstated a one-month national lockdown on October 30th

Movement is restricted to 1 kilometre from one's residence.

There are exceptions for work that can't be done from home, family obligations and medical visits.

Paris's deputy traffic police chief Jean-Sebastian Rosadoni says they're implementing checks such as this daily to monitor if people have valid permits to travel.

Violations are subjected to a 135 euro fine for a first offence, which increases to 200 euros for a second instance within fifteen days.

Third time violators within one month face a 3,750 euro fine and a six-month prison term.