Paris Hilton Says 'Legislation is Hot' As She Visits US Capitol to Campaign for Congregate Care Reform

Paris Hilton met with US lawmakers in Washington on October 21, to advocate for the Accountability for Congregate Care Act.

This video, taken by Collin Sabine, shows Hilton at the Capitol saying “legislation is hot”
Hilton was speaking to campaign for comprehensive reform for youth in congregate care. In a piece for the Washington Post, she wrote about the abuse she faced at a facility she was sent to as a teenager.

“At all four facilities I was sent to in my teens, I endured physical and psychological abuse by staff: I was choked, slapped across the face, spied on while showering and deprived of sleep,” Hilton wrote.

“We are pushing for a federal bill that will give children in facilities across the country unprecedented protections and rights—the kind of rights I didn’t have as a child,” Hilton said in an Instagram post. Credit: Collin Sabine via Storyful

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