Paris Hilton reveals the one Y2K fashion trend she wouldn’t do again

Paris Hilton has spoken out about her sense of style and revealed the one fashion trend from the 2000s that she wouldn’t do again.

During a recent interview with to promote her upcoming interactive event with Klarna, “House of Y2K,” the reality star reflected on the most popular outfits and accessories throughout the early ‘00s, aka Y2K. The immersive spaces in Los Angeles will also showcase some of Hilton’s signature items.

Hilton confessed to that out of all the fashion trends she’s embraced, the one brand that she wouldn’t personally wear again is Von Dutch, which was first created in the early ‘00s. The line was known for its graphic t-shirts and hats with its signature label on them,

“I just noticed or saw that a lot of the kids are wearing the Von Dutch hats again, which I think is hilarious. But I would not rock it again,” she said.

The Simple Life star also noted that she also wouldn’t wear anything from Ed Hardy, another brand from the ‘00s known for its rhinestone-studded hats and colourful cartoon shirts, again.

This isn’t the first time that Hilton has discussed some of her previous fashion choices that she’s not too fond of. During an interview with Yahoo! in 2017, she described one look that she wore at Sundance Film Festival and called it the “worst outfit” she’d “ever” had.

“This one time at Sundance, maybe 15 years ago, I wore this dress from Patricia Field. It was a black corset and the bottom was hot pink tulle. But you couldn’t wear heels because it was snowing, so I had snow boots,” she said. “I had an Armani Exchange beanie. And the jacket from Hugo Boss they gave us. It was the worst outfit I’ve ever worn in my life.”

Elsewhere in her interview with, the 42-year-old DJ shared how happy she is about the recent resurgence of 2000’s fashion trends and how she feels “so proud that all [her] looks are” being applauded.

“Every time I go to fashion shows or talk to designers, my pictures are all over the mood board and people are so inspired,” she said. “This was back when I had no stylist or anything. I was literally buying my own looks, putting them together. I’ve always been ahead of my time.”

She continued: “I love that everyone is just loving all of the trends that I made popular and calling me the ‘Queen of 2000s.’ That makes me really happy.”

Hilton went on to acknowledge that she’s entered a new chapter in her life. She announced in January that she and her husband Carter Reum had welcomed their first child. However, she also noted that becoming a mother doesn’t mean that her style will be completely changing.

“I think with each new stage in life, my style evolved accordingly. With this new mom version of me, it made me [have] a tiny bit more practicality in my outfits,” she explained. “But of course it wouldn’t be me without sparkle.”