Paris Crowd Scatters as Police Disperse 'Project X' Street Party

Authorities in Paris intervened late on June 27 to clear hundreds of young people gathered in the streets for an impromptu party after people threw objects at police vehicles, local reports said.

Videos shared to social media by local journalists showed crowds of people running through the streets, climbing over cars, throwing objects at emergency services vehicles, and lighting flares.

Police in riot gear were seen dispersing crowds with gas canisters and beating some people with batons.

The gathering was coined ‘Project X’ on social media in reference to the 2012 US film about a party organised by teenagers.

A 19-year-old Parisian, who attended the night with friends told local media: “We heard about it on the networks, there were a few hundred of us, there was a little music, people with speakers but nothing organized.” Credit: @_tai.___ via Storyful