Paris celebrates Easter with Olympic flair

Paris celebrates Easter with Olympic flair

Cloiseau's Easter Egg collection is inspired by the Olympic Games, set to be hosted in Paris from Friday, July 26th until Sunday, August 11 this year.

The work took thirty-five hours to make and features a huge central egg surrounded by a racetrack holding smaller eggs.

The sculpture weighs 7.6 kg and the chocolates are available in stores and online across Paris.

The €2500 price tag corresponds to the rising cost of Easter eggs across Europe.

With the price of cocoa breaking a new record, the cost of Easter chocolates has risen an average of five per cent more this year.

The cost of chocolate production, including energy, packaging and raw materials all rose in the last year, and of course, this increase will be passed on to the consumer.

The price of raw materials has also soared up 130 per cent in one year, mainly due to poor harvests. The rise is set to continue, impacting all sectors of the industry.