Parents of OnlyFans model charged with boyfriend’s murder arrested

Parents of OnlyFans model charged with boyfriend’s murder arrested

The parents of an OnlyFans model accused of murdering her boyfriend have now been charged in connection to his death.

Courtney Clenney, 28, is charged with the second-degree murder of Christian Obumseli after he was stabbed to death at the couple’s Miami apartment in April 2022.

Ms Clenney, who had been in a “tempestuous” relationship with Obumseli since November 2020, stabbed him in the chest, piercing a major artery.

While she has not denied killing Obumseli, Ms Clenney has insisted that she attacked her boyfriend in self-defence.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, have said that videos showing Ms Clenney physically and verbally attacking Obumseli suggest that she was the abuser in the relationship.

On Tuesday, Ms Clenney’s parents Kim and Deborah Clenney were suddenly arrested by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office in Texas on unspecified out-of-state felony charges.

According to The Miami Herald, the couple is accused of hacking into a laptop that belonged to Obumseli before police could seize it from Obumseli and Ms Clenney’s apartment.

In a statement released shortly after their arrests, the Clenney family attorney accused prosecutors of misconduct, alleging that the family is being targeted “with some trumped-up charges to discredit them in the press and make their lives miserable”.

“We believe the Clenney family has been targeted with some trumped-up charges to discredit them in the press and make their lives miserable. It stinks of a power play by prosecutors to control the narrative,” the statement to CBS read.

“This Thursday, the State is seeking a gag order in the case. Now they’ve gone after Courtney’s Mom and Dad in such a way that requires them to spend considerable time in jail without bond.”

Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli (Instagram)
Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli (Instagram)

Kim and Deborah Clenney are now expected to be extradited to Miami to face charges.

Prosecutors have previously said, in a request to deny Ms Clenney’s bail, that she had earned $3m from her OnlyFans profile – who went by Courtney Taylor on the adult site.

According to an arrest report, Ms Clenney said Obumseli had pushed her and thrown her to the floor on that deadly day, prompting her to grab a knife and throw it at him from about 10 feet away.

The medical examiner said Obumseli’s wound could not have been caused by a knife thrown from that distance.

Her claims that she acted in self-defence have been previously contradicted by video from an elevator in the luxury apartment complex, which showed her physically attacking Obumseli months before his death.

The recently resurfaced video, first reported by The Miami Herald, is among mounting evidence of the couple’s volatile relationship and Ms Clenney’s outbursts.

Another video also showed Ms Clenney seemingly hitting Obumseli and telling him he was the reason she was no longer sober while the couple was on a trip to Colorado.

According to her defence lawyer, Ms Clenney was in rehabilitation for substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder in Hawaii when she was arrested four months after Obumseli’s death.