Parents and children get on their hands and knees as part of 'parent crawling day' in China

Several parents were seen kneeling and crawling with their young children as they entered the gate at the entrance of a kindergarten in Linyi, Shandong Province, northern China. According to a staff member, this is a daily entrance game designed by the school. Wednesdays are designated as "Parent Crawling Day," and there are other game activities within the campus. Both children and adults are said to enjoy the games, and there has been no coercion of unwilling parents or children. The ground at the entrance is covered with turf, and crawling is intended to stimulate children's enthusiasm for coming to school in the morning. However, people online felt it was weird. Mr Zhang, a parent of one of the students, explained that this is just one of the entrance activities, which also include jumping through hoops and crossing a single-plank bridge. He urged people not to overinterpret the situation. He believes that the diverse forms of entrance activities not only motivate children to go to school but also bring parents closer to their children. The footage went viral and sparked a debate. While some argue that such activities are creative and can enhance the parent-child bond, others express concerns about the potential physical strain on young children and the psychological impact of the activity. The kindergarten has defended its approach, stating that the activities are voluntary and part of a larger strategy to make the school experience more engaging. The video was filmed on May 10 and provided with local media’s permission.