Parent Goals: Mum And Dad Get Creative With Wine After Kids Go To Bed

Pennsylvania couple Bridgette and Joe Miller showed off their couple skills on April 6 with a risky wineglass balancing act.

With their three children in bed, the Millers took to TikTok to demonstrate their unorthodox approach to couple drinking. In the video, Bridgette Miller holds a wine glass in her mouth, leans back on her husband and pours its contents into his mouth — all without spilling a drop.

Miller told Storyful she and her husband were inspired by “all the tricks and fun things people were doing” on the platform, so they “decided to break out the wine glass.”

“My husband Joe and I have been doing this for years,” she said. “As silly as it sounds we’ve mastered a few party tricks over the past 10 years of being together.” Credit: Bridgette Miller via Storyful