Paramount+ Will Be Available to Delta SkyMiles Members This Summer

The previously announced partnership between Delta and Paramount+ will see the streaming service behind shows like “1923” and “Star Trek: Picard” available to Delta SkyMiles members starting later this summer, the companies announced Thursday.

Paramount+ will be available to SkyMiles members on a trial basis through what the airline is calling Delta Sync Exclusives. The trial will be available to members on flights originating from the US, and the service is currently being tested on select aircraft ahead of a planned broad rollout later this year.

Only flights equipped with free wi-fi will be able to access the Paramount+ trial.

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Delta Sync will also include access to New York Times games like Wordle and sudoku.

“Delta Sync Exclusives is an entirely new platform for entertainment and discovery designed to elevate the experience for every customer,” said Ranjan Goswami, SVP – Customer Experience Design. “Customers deserve a journey that feels seamlessly fit for them, and that means delivering meaningful, personalized and relevant touch points in compelling new ways.”

The platform’s been in domestic testing since April, and Delta aims to get it onto over 540 free-Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft by the end of July. By the end of 2023, that number will grow to more than 700. Delta is targeting the end of 2024 as the window for when it’ll have free Wi-Fi and Delta Sync Exclusives on its entire fleet.

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