Paralyzed Frenchie never gives up, learns to walk again

You will be so proud of how far Hudson has come! Here is a little back story on Hudson’s journey through spinal surgery. When Hudson was a puppy he went paralyzed in his back two legs. Right away his owners tried to figure out what happened. They hit many dead ends but many many vet appointments later they found out he has kyphosis and needed spinal surgery. The only chance at a normal life for Hudson was spinal surgery but even with that the vet said he hadn’t seen a case this bad and wasn’t sure if he would ever walk again. Once his owner decided to go ahead with the surgery Hudson spent a week in San Diego. Once they brought him home it was crate rest for a few weeks and then physical therapy in hopes he would gain feeling in his back two legs. From his first kick with his back legs to his first steps again Hudson fought like a Frenchie through it all! Today Hudson is a crazy puppy with a slightly silly walk but pain free and happy. @thelilacfrenchie