What the papers say – May 27

The Prime Minister’s pledge to introduce national service if he wins the General Election features among a variety of stories on the nation’s front pages.

The Daily Express leads with words from Defence Secretary Grant Shapps, who said the return of national service will “toughen up” Britain’s youth.

The Daily Telegraph says young royals would face national service if it is implemented.

Daily Mirror brands Rishi Sunak’s decision to bring back the national service as “desperate,” while The Guardian quotes a former military chief who called the decision “bonkers.”

The Financial Times says Mr Sunak will “double down” on his plan to revive national service, while the Daily Mail reports that he will “fight back” after the proposal was ridiculed.

The Times looks at Labour who said they will “act fast to win trust over security”.

The i also focuses on Labour as their plan to “rebuild Britain” will rely on private finance.

Meanwhile, The Independent quotes former deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine, who said this election “will be the most dishonest in modern times.”

And the Daily Star focuses on the wet weather that will dampen the bank holiday.