What the papers say – May 16

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and the shooting of Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico feature heavily on the front pages of Thursday’s newspapers.

The Times carries both stories on its front, leading on the Opposition leader’s six-point plan for Britain which it calls “an updated version of Tony Blair’s election-winning pledge card”.

The same stories feature on the front of The Independent, which says Sir Keir is pitching to become the “true heir to Blair”, while the Daily Mirror spells out his six “fixes for Britain”.

The Guardian raises fears for democracy in Europe after the shooting of Mr Fico, while the Daily Mail says the assassination attempt on the pro-Russian leader has left “Europe on edge”.

Rishi Sunak is in the spotlight of the Financial Times, which says the Prime Minister has been warned his migration policy is threatening investment.

The Daily Telegraph turns its attention to the NHS, saying whistleblowers who raise concerns over safety are being targeted by managers.

Health is also the topic of the Metro, which reports on a blood test which could detect cancer seven years before symptoms show.

“Toxic water” features on the front of the i, which says higher bills are on the way despite illegal sewage and advice to boil water in some areas.

British people are “racing” to cash in pensions early, according to the Daily Express.

And the Daily Star says experts have cracked the code to communication among orangutans.