What the papers say – July 4

Election day is here and dominates Thursday’s front pages.

The Guardian reports that Sir Keir Starmer has hailed a “new age of hope” for Britain as it heads to the ballot box.

The Daily Mirror and The Sun both call on Britons to vote in a new era of politics for the UK.

The Times reports that Labour is on the precipice of winning the “biggest majority since 1832”.

The i splashes on Labour’s lead narrowing as the final predictions roll in for election day.

The Independent says the Tories are predicted to lose as many as 259 seats.

Speaking of the polls, and the Financial Times writes that the Conservatives are in for a “bleak night” on Thursday.

The Daily Star keeps it simple, with a “toodle pip” to the Tories.

The Metro keeps its front more down the centre, with a simple: “The nation decides.”

The Daily Mail comes with a warning for those preparing to vote Labour, with a headline that reads: “Vote Farage, get them.”

The Daily Telegraph splashes with a warning to wealthy homeowners, stating that a Labour government in power will likely see them endure a council tax “raid”.

Lastly, the Daily Express makes a plea for the Conservatives, splashing with “Vote Tory”.