What the papers say – April 26

The breakthrough cancer jab leads the headlines this Friday, with good news for sufferers worldwide.

The Daily Express and the i report on the world-first cancer inoculation touted to treat melanoma but may also combat lung, bladder and kidney cancers.

The Guardian splashes on the First Minister of Scotland, with the Greens ready to back a no-confidence motion against Humza Yousaf.

The Daily Telegraph splashes with increased migration to Ireland amid the threat of refugees being deported to Rwanda.

The Daily Mirror calls on its readers to join its new campaign to ensure FA Cup replays continue.

The Daily Mail leads with the uptick in assaults on store workers as shoplifting numbers achieve mighty heights once again.

The Metro reports on Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction being overturned.

The Financial Times looks to mergers and acquisitions for its lead, with a piece on mining giant BHP and the headaches involved with its attempted purchase of rival firm Anglo American.

The Times shifts focus to the education sector, with academics set to undergo stringent security checks to prevent intel on cutting-edge technology leaks to China.

And the Daily Star leads with good news for Blackadder fans: Baldrick’s favourite vegetable, the humble turnip, may save us from climate change.