Panicked Minnesota Teens Run Indoors as Bear Wanders Into Front Yard

Two teens doing some gardening in a friend’s front yard in Centerville, Minnesota, got an epic scare when a black bear wandered onto the lawn, sending them running inside.

Security camera footage captured August 17 shows a black bear walking onto the home’s front lawn and driveway as the girls – Hailey Nelson, 17, and Dori Arndt, 15 – sensibly hightail it indoors.

The teens were pulling some weeds for their friend Hailey Nyberg’s father, Brian, when the incident took place.

Nyberg’s home security camera footage captured the moment the teens saw the bear, and sprinted to the front door, banging and screaming to be let inside.

Moments after Brian opened the door, his daughter Hailey is seen walking across their driveway before being warned by her dad that a bear just walked by and she needed to get inside.

Brian told a local news station that the bear made its way through a few backyards in the neighborhood before walking back into a local wilderness area. Credit: Brian Nyberg via Storyful

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