Panic as Turkey, Syria rocked again by earthquake

STORY: Panic rang out on the streets of Hatay after a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck southern Turkey near the Syrian border late on Monday.

The Mayor of Hatay Province said there were reports of people stuck under rubble.

At least three people were killed and over 200 injured, according to the interior minister.

The fresh earthquake comes just two weeks after Turkey’s worst quake in modern history left tens of thousands dead.

Monday's quake was caught on live television. Reporters in Hatay were standing next to a collapsed building. Then, as the quake hit, the signal was lost.

When back on the air, they could be heard saying: "It trembles. It still continues..." Dust filled the air, and they continued their broadcast wearing masks.

Buildings were damaged even more on Monday… leaving dust in the night air in central Antakya city, where the quake was centered.

That’s according to two Reuters reporters, who said the tremors were strong and lasting.

Emergency workers rushed to help residents… some of whom had been living in temporary tents.

One man in Hatay said he felt unstable on his feet:

24-YEAR-OLD TURKAN ASLAN GARACOGLU: "It felt like the ground would tear apart. The ground was shaking. We were very scared. We thought the ground would tear apart."

Smaller tremors have jolted the region in the last two weeks but Monday’s quake was the largest since the recent disaster on the Turkey-Syria border.