Pandas enjoy ice pops as Belgium battles heatwave

STORY: As a heatwave that settled over southern Europe last week edged northwards, southern and Western Germany and Belgium have been bracing for potentially record-breaking temperatures.

Belgian meteorologist David Dehenauw said he did not expect temperatures to reach those of July 25, 2019, when they hit at least 41 degrees Celsius in parts of the country.

"We expect temperatures between 34-35 degrees (Celsius) in high Ardennes and up to 40 degrees in the regions near France - near the French border - and elsewhere, it will be between 37 and 39 degrees, so these are exceptionally high," Dehenauw told Reuters.

His organization, the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, issued red alerts in two parts of the country: Hainaut and Western Flanders.

Dehenauw said global warming was to blame for the heatwave that razed forests in southwestern France, Spain and Portugal.

His comment echoed findings of a study published in the journal "Environmental Research: Climate" in June that concluded it was highly probable that climate change was making heatwaves worse.

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