Pamela Anderson Didn’t Mean to Go Viral for Not Wearing Makeup: “I Just Don’t Want to Play the Game”

Her comments come just weeks after she first made waves by arriving at Paris Fashion Week completely makeup-free.



Paris Fashion Week may be full of all of the glitz and glamour one can imagine, but Pamela Anderson shocked the world when she arrived at this year’s shows completely makeup-free. And while it didn’t take long for the masses to become utterly obsessed with the former Baywatch star’s natural look, Anderson just revealed that going viral was never her intention.

In a new interview with People, the actress opened up about the internet-breaking event — and the reasoning behind it.



“I'm makeup-free at home, so why not for Paris Fashion Week?" she told the publication. "I really didn't know anyone would notice it, but I'm glad it became a positive message.”

Anderson added that her stance on makeup goes hand in hand with her stance on aging: “I call it Life-ing, not aging. Chasing youth is futile. All we can do is embrace who we are at the moment we are in, and be okay with where our feet stand right now,” she shared.

"I don't have to be cool anymore," Pamela continued. “I can just be me. It's very freeing to be comfortable in your own skin.”

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In terms of whether she’ll ever wear makeup when attending events again, Pamela then clarified that she’ll never say never. “I'm not opposed to it, I just don't want to play the game," she explained. "And it felt good to look in the mirror and say, 'I'm OK just like this.'”

The A-lister’s main priorities at the moment? Continuing to be a great mother to her children, Brandon and Dylan, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Tommy Lee.

“I think I’ve had the same priorities over my lifetime, which is to be kind, and most importantly to be a good mom," Anderson said. "I knew I would not have kids unless I could look after them financially and emotionally, and that they would be in a safe place with or without a man in my life. As a mother, I took the role seriously and I’m glad I thought that through."

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