Paloma Faith has revealed the sex of her three-year-old child

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From Cosmopolitan

Paloma Faith has revealed she has a daughter, three years after announcing the birth of her child - and that she was raising the baby as gender neutral.

Speaking to Giovanna Fletcher on her Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, the singer used female pronouns to describe her child. "Last year I was trying again and it was strange because once my daughter turned 18 months I suddenly was like, I want another one," Paloma said on the podcast.

She later spoke about keeping her child out of the spotlight because she doesn't want the toddler to be impacted by the attention her own fame can bring. "At this moment my child has no idea that I'm famous or different from anyone else," said the former The Voice judge. Using female pronouns, Paloma added: "She does know I'm on TV because she's seen it, but she has no concept that that makes people treat me differently."

Paloma Faith and her partner Leyman Lahcine welcomed their baby daughter in December 2016, and she announced the news on Instagram with a heartfelt letter to the NHS. "After a difficult labour resulting in an emergency caesarean I gave birth to my first child with whom I am over the moon, in love and delighted. What a trip!" read the hand-written note.

"It was all with the help of some incredible doctors, midwives and nurses at UCH NHS Hospital. The devotion, kindness and commitment shown by all of them was second to none and I am humbled by the experience."

The couple never went on to confirm the sex or name of their baby, and later told the Mirror that she planned to raise the child as gender neutral. "I just want them to be who they want to be," said Paloma at the Q Awards in 2017. "I'm loving being a mum. I want two or three kids in all and they'll be gender neutral."

But in her recent interview with Giovanna Fletcher on the podcast, the singer said she had received trolling over the decision to raise her child as gender neutral. "I had people calling me a child abuser online for saying that, which was weird," she said.

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