Paloma Faith praised after calling out Saturday Kitchen viewer’s nasty comment

Paloma Faith has hit back at a Saturday Kitchen viewer who criticised her appearance on the BBC show.

The singer, who recently opened up about having a miscarriage on the set of US drama Pennyworth, appeared on the BBC series on Saturday (8 June), where she was promoting her forthcoming record The Glorification of Sadness as well as her memoir MILF.

One internet troll complained about the singer’s inclusion on the show, writing on X/Twitter: “People who are just mind numbingly annoying t***s always use ADHD for the reason why they are mind numbingly annoying twats.”

In a post that has since been praised by her fans, Faith replied: “I have actually got ADHD you t**t.”

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that affects people’s behaviour. Sufferers can experience restlessness, difficulties concentrating, and increased impulsivity.

While most cases of the condition are diagnosed in children under the age of 12, some are later in life. According to the charity ADHD UK, around 2.6 million people in the UK have the disorder, but only 600,000 are formally diagnosed.

Faith appeared on Saturday Kitchen alongside host Matt Tebutt as well as chefs Julie Lin and Tom Kitchen.

The singer and actor is being applauded for her comment, with the singer’s fan rallying around her on social media.

“I used to really like you, now I bloody love you,” one fan wrote, with another stating: “You tell him, Paloma!!”

Paloma Faith on ‘Saturday Kitchen’ (BBC)
Paloma Faith on ‘Saturday Kitchen’ (BBC)

Earlier this week, Faith said she believes fathers should not be “over-complimented or applauded for simply being a parent”.

The singer, who shares two daughters with her ex-partner of 10 years, Leyman Lahcine, said she does not like the phrase “co-parent” as it “implies it is 50/50 and I don’t believe it is”.

In October, Faith gave her first in-depth interview after splitting with Lahcine, revealing she was “broken” but also “so whole”.

She told The Independent: “In some ways, the breakup has left me broken but in other ways, I’m so whole. I am financially stable. I own my own house. I have children. If I ever meet a man, I’m not going to need anything from him other than us just enriching one another’s lives.”