“Palm Royale”'s“ ”Laura Dern on finally acting with dad Bruce Dern: 'Such a dream come true'

“Palm Royale”'s“ ”Laura Dern on finally acting with dad Bruce Dern: 'Such a dream come true'

The duo play father and daughter on Apple TV+'s new comedy.

As the daughter of Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, Laura Dern is descended from acting royalty.

But despite sharing the screen multiple times with her mom, Dern has never acted opposite her Oscar-nominated father — until now. On the fourth episode of Palm Royale, we learn that Linda's father is none other than Skeet (Bruce Dern), and Linda (Laura Dern) has been lying about her past.

"I've had the great good fortune of working with my mom several times, but I'd actually never worked with my dad," Dern tells Entertainment Weekly. "So that was such a dream come true. [The production team and I] talked a lot about how I'd never worked with my dad and wouldn't that be incredible, but it was sort of filed away. And then, it occurred to everyone at the same time."

<p>Apple TV+</p> Laura Dern and Bruce Dern on 'Palm Royale'

Apple TV+

Laura Dern and Bruce Dern on 'Palm Royale'

Dern admits that she was actually the most apprehensive of anyone working on the show to extend the invite to her dad to join the cast. "I became like a kid not wanting to bother my dad," she says. "He was busy. And so it was also like, 'Would you want to come play for these amount of days?' And juggling his schedule. But he did, and he and I together had one of the great experiences of our life."

The two aren't merely acting opposite each other, but actually playing father and daughter, making it a particular challenge for Dern to find the line between her character and herself.

"You hope that it always is hard," she says. "You hope that you found a place that is so relatable for you emotionally, that the lines are blurred and that you connect to it and the themes that you're exploring. So it was hard in the best way. I was there with him exploring deep themes in family, and that was really exciting."

New episodes of Palm Royale drop every Wednesday on Apple TV+.

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