Palestinians preserve traditional way of making grape molasses

These Palestinians produce grape molasses

using a traditional method that is passed on from father to son

LOCATION: Hebron, West Bank

Grape juice is boiled and stirred for over 12 hours

and cooked in copper pots over pine wood to give it a special aroma

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) GRAPE PRODUCTS PRODUCER, MOHAMMAD ARAFEH, SAYING:"The main thing about molasses is that no machine can make it properly, it does not get the natural taste, neither stainless steel nor aluminum. It was scientifically proven that only copper works, copper has an advantage, first of all it does not oxidize and the second thing is that it remains hot."

Arafeh and his children also make ‘malban’

a fruit leather made from grape juice

The business has kept their family afloat at a time of economic hardship

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