Palestinians mourn man slain after Israeli raid

STORY: Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday (April 27), medics and a militant group said, in clashes that erupted after an arrest raid.

It was the second time in two days that Israeli forces have killed a Palestinian during an overnight incursion.

This was the funeral of the slain man, Ahmad Massad, whose death the Palestinian foreign ministry condemned as a summary execution.

The Israeli military said its forces had apprehended two suspects in what it described as "counter-terrorism activities" in the city of Jenin.

Subsequently it said dozens of Palestinians threw rocks and explosives devices and opened fire at the soldiers, who responded with live ammunition.

Israel has stepped up incursions in the West Bank following a string of recent deadly Palestinian and Arab attacks which killed 14 people in the country, including three police officers.

The subsequent raids into Palestinian towns have sparked deadly clashes in which Israeli forces have killed at least 17 Palestinians, including gunmen and civilians.

Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down in 2014 and prospects of their revival remain dim.

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