Palestinians, Israeli police clash at holy site

STORY: Israeli police said they intervened when hundreds of people hurled rocks and fireworks and drew close to the Western Wall, where Jewish worship was underway. A policewoman was injured by a stone and a tree was set alight by the fireworks, police said.

Reuters witnesses said police entered the compound after the morning Ramadan prayers and fired rubber-tipped bullets and stun grenades at a crowd, some of whom were throwing rocks. Police also used a drone to drop tear gas, the mosque director said.

Tensions this year have been fanned by the fact Ramadan coincided with the Jewish celebration of Passover. That has brought more Muslim and Jewish visitors to the compound, which is a vestige of two ancient Jewish temples.

The surge of violence has raised fears of a relapse into a broader conflict like last year's war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas Islamists ruling the Gaza Strip.

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