A Palestinian revives heritage through mosaics

STORY: This architectural engineer has launched

a project to revive Palestinian heritage

through mosaics

(Raya Abu Musa, Architectural Engineer)

"One of the goals of the project that we are working on is reviving Palestinian heritage through the merging of these mosaic panels that we are working on. This is done through a focus on colors, and shedding light on the identity of the country, to present it in a new way, so it does not disappear from people's memories, and is sustained there."

She was inspired by a visit to Tell Umm Amer

where the remains of an ancient monastery

feature a giant mosaic floor

Her team is preparing 50 different panels for a new gallery

that will blend ancient art with modern tastes

(Waleed al-Yaqoubi, Interior Designer and Artist)

"With the passage of time, such art has disappeared and isn't used because of the presence of new methods and the emergence of new materials that engineers are using. We want to revive this art and this artistic touch in our homes, which can give a feeling of comfort to anyone living in it."