Palestinian mother makes recycled scrapbooks

A Palestinian mother created this interactive scrapbook

to keep her daughter entertained during lockdown


"The idea of my first book 'With Mother Ghaliah' came from my daughter Sara. She saw a similar book on social media and asked me to make her this book. At the time, it was hard for me because I didn't know that I had any artistic skills but I made her the book because she asked me to and then it became a hobby. Later on I discovered that I have artistic skills and good taste."

The books are made of recycled paper and fabric

Saleh has created a business out of the idea

and sells customized books for between $35 to $65 apiece


"It’s unrealistic for a mother to stop her children from playing, therefore you have to try to strike a balance between providing them with a game that is fun and secure while at the same time uses their senses and hands. They also try to talk about what they did (in the game)."

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