Palestinian DJ's shrine gig stirs discord

The Palestinian techno DJ Sama Abdul-Hadi is to remain in custody for holding a gig in an ancient shrine.

Palestinian police extended her detention by 15 days after she was arrested on Sunday (December 27), following the performance.

It wasn't so much what she was doing, but where that's sparked debate on social media and led to an investigation.

This is what it usually looks like at the shrine of Nabi Musa in the West Bank.

The site is also a mosque and Palestinians visit to pray.

Some commentators are expressing anger at the DJ for filming at an important religious site.

But her brother claims they had permission to be there on Saturday (December 26) night.

"We sent an application to the Ministry of Tourism, a request to film in several specific places the tracks we wanted to play. We got a response on three places, which are Nabi Musa's shrine, Hisham's palace, and Sebastiya, so we filmed there and the security guard of the shrine opened the place for us."

A group of men entered the site, disrupting the performance and driving out the attendees.

Some of the men appeared to throw firecrackers.

The ministry declined to comment, saying it was looking into the matter.

An online petition has been launched demanding the release of the DJ.