Palestinian chef wants to show 'women can do everything’

STORY: This Palestinian chef and entrepreneur wants

to show that 'women can do everything'

Locator: Gaza City, Gaza

For her that means bringing a new taste to Gaza

from inside her burger stall on the beach

(Amani Shaath, Owner and chef)

"Women can do everything, except for hard labor. Aside from hard labor, women can do everything that men can do. It is not difficult as long as she can think right, take a rightful stance, and impose her personality and respect, then I think women can do anything."

She says she has received criticism

for being a woman in this business

but focuses on the empowering feedback

(Dima Lubbad, Customer)

"I tried McDonald's before when I was young, and I felt the taste here is very similar. I am very happy that she allowed me to relive this experience here without traveling outside Gaza."

Due to blockades, Gaza is empty

of international food brands