Palestinian barber sets up hair salon on ruins of his old business, destroyed by airstrikes

This heartwarming clip shows a barber setting up an improvised hair salon on the rubbles of Gaza. Mohammed El-Sayed, 35, lost his business during the recent Israeli airstrikes. His barbershop was housed in a 14-year building that was bombarded. El-Sayed hasn't lost hope, despite the violence that has left at least 58,000 Palestinians homeless, according to the UN. He decided to re-open his business in the same area, on its rubbles. He said: "My customers phoned me many times to reopen the barbershop here on the rubbles. So I decided to bring my mirror and my equipment since all my customers are from this neighborhood". In the clip, El-Sayed cuts a boy's hair. The child looks very happy about his new look and his curious friends attend the scene.