Pakistani truck artist paints George Floyd mural in solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement

A truck artist in Pakistan painted a mural of George Floyd with messages calling for justice, equality and support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

40-year-old Haider Ali painted the mural on June 11 onto the wall of his house in Musharraf colony, Hawksbay area in Karachi.

The portrait was painted in the traditional Pakistani truck art style, and includes Urdu translations of the .

Haider has also written slogans in poetry: "Goron kin a Kalon ki Dunya dil walon ki" (This world is not of black or white people, it's of people with heart), and "Hum kale hain to kya hua dilwaley hai" (what if I am black but I am a heartful person?).

Haider Ali says that he has friends in US and painted this to show solidarity with George Floyd and his friends overseas.